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The Friends of Knox Agree to Fund the Mansion Gardens!!

Hello Gardeners,

The Friends of Knox have agreed to fund the entire landscaping in the front gardens!! This is exciting news as we originally thought we’d have to do it over several years. We do not have a start date yet, but I will keep you posted.

It is quite a project as you can tell from the attached pictures but we got a head start from the Parks staff when they removed all the ground cover, saving us a lot of money.

Knox Right Labeled (2)

Kevin McNally has been growing native plants for the parks and we are hoping to incorporate some of his plants. The new beds aren’t as big as they look in the pictures coming out only about 9 feet from the house. I’m optimistic that with newly planted gardens that are smaller and easier to care for we’ll attract some new members.

Knox Center Labeled
Knox Left Labeled
Speaking of new members, we welcomed two new members recently. Camille Klein has adopted the two half circle gardens on the back of the sun porch and Marilyn Perrello has agreed to help Audrey in the Secret Garden and they both have been busy already! Hopefully you’ll meet them soon while you are up at Knox.


The state masons are also repairing the front steps and re-pointing some of the foundation over the next few weeks. Audrey has been busy helping out in the gardens and together with the garden club, the gardens really look terrific!


Kindly, Judy, who tends the herb garden, has offered a pinch of the herbs for home cooking if you’d like to take a snip home.

Thanks to all,

A Walk in the Park

Just wanted to show you all that the Gardens are coming back!img_0032

We found this little guy enjoying the spring magic with his person….

This is his nice person…..img_0007



Gail was happy to see the Secret Garden is in such great shape. Hopefully we see her come back to dig in the dirt with us.  She loved the new bench!The Three Sister Magnolias are blooming!Always the first to appear

Can’t wait to see these beautiful blooming Peonies

Walk and Learn at Knox Farm State Park


Hello Gardeners,

You are invited to join a park naturalist on any of the interpretive programs listed on the included attachment – just be sure to register. These guided walks through the park cover many topics from lichens to birds and are sure to be interesting!


Knox Spring Interpretive 2

Knox Gardeners Have Their First Meeting


Here’s what happened!

Hello fellow Gardeners,

A few things we talked about at the meeting:

We are forming a committee to help plan the front gardens with the help of a landscape architect.


We have been given money from the Friends of Knox and with help from Andy and park employees we should be able to get off to a good start. ** If you would like to help we could use it! Let me know**.

If you haven’t already,** please let me know if you plan on tending your garden again this year or if you’d like to adopt a garden space**!


The mulch should arrive by the end of April and will be between the shed and the secret garden for our use.

I Love My Park Day is Saturday, May 4 from 9-12:00. There will be volunteers available haul and lay mulch and hopefully we can get all the gardens done this year. Please try and be there to supervise your garden, and if you cannot, ** please let me know if you’d like yours mulched by volunteers or you’d prefer to do it yourself**.

I Love My Park Day is a Huge Help!


A lot of the beds have been raked and other than a little weeding and maybe edging, should be ready to go. Thank you Audrey! You may want to mark any plants that will be coming up with a plastic knife if you’re afraid it may get trampled or pulled by volunteers.

Debris can be left in trash cans or wheelbarrows back by the shed, but don’t put it out of view between the shed and dog run. The park staff will haul if off for us!

Park Employees Won’t See Debris If Left Here….Put it in Plain Sight!

Please don’t trim any trees beyond removing dead branches and before you plant anything, please make sure it is not invasive to this area.

We are still working on the best way to handle the purchase of new plants – for now, just give me a call if you need anything. 652-6690

Audrey is going to make a list of plants that grow well in different conditions and hang that in the shed in case you need to add plants would like ideas. I will also put the original landscape drawings in the shed if you want to look at them – mostly for fun. Five full time gardeners must have been great!
They can also be accessed online at:Cornell Library for East Aurora …..Items numbered 2-15 are for East Aurora.


Thank you for all your hard work – whether it is for a day or all season!

Lisa Schifferle

Garden Club Meeting Cancelled Tonight

Due to the weather…the Garden Club Meeting will be cancelled tonight….We will keep you posted



Knox Garden Club Meets to Discuss a Proposal to the Friends of Knox Board

Hello Gardeners,

Just a reminder that the Knox Garden Club will be meeting tomorrow at 6:00 at the Main house. One of things we’ll be talking about is landscaping the front garden beds. We’d would love to hear everyone’s thoughts that can be part of the proposal given to the Friends . Some things to consider are:

Do we want to go back to the original plantings?
Deer will eat most of the original plants
Plant options were limited in 1932
Do we want to plant all native species?
Tear out ground cover-pachysandra- to get rid of ferns?
We don’t have full time gardeners or funds
Do we want to accent the architecture or the gardens?
Do you want to help in

I thought I’d send this out so you have time -a little-sorry-to think about it.

See you tomorrow,

Thank You Knox Gardeners! Fern Frenzy was a Huge Success!

Can We Do It Again?

Knox Garden Club’s first Fern Frenzy was a success! The front of the house looks great and quite a few people took home ferns for their own gardens!

We will move to the back and sides to remove unwanted ferns on Thursday, July 19 at 6:00 pm if you’d like Knox ferns for your own garden or would just like to help the garden club .



Knox Garden Club is also looking for volunteers to adopt a section of the gardens. If interested stop up or contact either Lisa 652-6690 or Carole 860-2477.


It’s Fern Frenzy!!! Call for Knox Mansion Garden Club Volunteers!


The Knox Garden Club would love to have you join them in keeping the flower beds around the mansion looking tip top! No experience necessary!


We are a group of volunteers that have each adopted a small section of garden to maintain; either alone, with friends or other members. Most gardens only require a little maintenance after the initial spring weeding and mulching that you can tend around your schedule.


July 9th Meeting and Fern Frenzy

We’ll be having a short meeting July 9th at 6:00 pm –please join us! If you’re not able to join us on the 9th and would like to adopt a garden and be an active Knox Garden Club member please contact:

Lisa Schifferle     716-652-6690

Carole Orlowski   716-860-2477

We will be holding a ‘fern frenzy’ following the July 9th meeting at 6:30 and on July 19 at 6:00 to remove the ferns from the front of the house. We would appreciate any extra help and if you wanted Knox Farm ferns for your own garden this is your chance! Garden Club membership not required! Meet us at the front door – we have gloves and shovels- please bring small garden pruners as we have a limited supply of those.


Friends of Knox host a Plant Night!!


Come enjoy a night with friends inside the main house planting a cute little succulent garden – hosted by The Friends of Knox

byob copy

This is a BYOB event!

About This Event

succulent 2 copy

Tickets are 50$ online $15 for every ticket sold goes to Friends of Knox Park!!

succ copy

We have to sell 35 tickets to have this party….check out how were are doing on our Plant Nite Page!

Buy your tickets here!


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