Knox Estate Garden Club


May 2016

Channel 7 Broadcast Brings Attention to the Knox Gardeners

DSC_1422.JPGIt was not even light when we arrived to broadcast Channel 7’s Morning Show from the Gardens at Knox Farms.  The 48 degree chill hung in there till at least 7am.  It was a cheery group of us having coffee and gardening anticipating having to speak LIVE on TV from 5am to 7am!

To watch the video from the broadcast go to

Here are some of the tweets Desiree Wiley was sending out during the broadcast.

Gail Kavanaugh, Lead Gardener…She will give you a job to do if you ask her 🙂

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Channel 7 is Featuring The Knox Estate Garden Club

Channel 7 will broadcast from the Gardens of the Mansion for the Knox Estate Garden Club!


Between 5-7AM on Monday, May 16th WKBW Channel 7 will be featuring the Gardeners and Gardens of the Knox Estate Mansion at Knox Farms.

We are inviting all Gardeners that follow our Newsletter to Join us for the broadcast!

Please just show up at 5am with your garden gloves and your shovel. We will be gardening in the background while they broadcast to give local attention to our wonderful gardens and volunteer gardeners.

The newscaster that we will be hosting is Desiree Wiley of WKBW Channel 7.  Thank you Channel 7 for this opportunity to showcase our beautiful community project!desiree

Written by: Donna Reilly

Nativity Preschoolers Garden at the Knox Estate Mansion

Knox Farm State Park  welcomed the Nativity Preschool Program to tour the Mansion and pot flowers for Mother’s Day gifts for their moms.  Peggy Cooke captivated the children with stories of the history of the mansion, thrilled them with secret doorways and painted a picture of days gone by on the farm.


Seeing the pictures of the Knox family and their family pets and horses made them more real to them.

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