Hello Gardeners,

The Friends of Knox have agreed to fund the entire landscaping in the front gardens!! This is exciting news as we originally thought we’d have to do it over several years. We do not have a start date yet, but I will keep you posted.

It is quite a project as you can tell from the attached pictures but we got a head start from the Parks staff when they removed all the ground cover, saving us a lot of money.

Knox Right Labeled (2)

Kevin McNally has been growing native plants for the parks and we are hoping to incorporate some of his plants. The new beds aren’t as big as they look in the pictures coming out only about 9 feet from the house. I’m optimistic that with newly planted gardens that are smaller and easier to care for we’ll attract some new members.

Knox Center Labeled
Knox Left Labeled
Speaking of new members, we welcomed two new members recently. Camille Klein has adopted the two half circle gardens on the back of the sun porch and Marilyn Perrello has agreed to help Audrey in the Secret Garden and they both have been busy already! Hopefully you’ll meet them soon while you are up at Knox.


The state masons are also repairing the front steps and re-pointing some of the foundation over the next few weeks. Audrey has been busy helping out in the gardens and together with the garden club, the gardens really look terrific!


Kindly, Judy, who tends the herb garden, has offered a pinch of the herbs for home cooking if you’d like to take a snip home.

Thanks to all,