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March 2016

Share Your Garden with Friends and Family


One of my favorite things about gardening with my mother was that she and her friends shared their perennials.  I learned that the plants in her garden had real names (like Hosta,  Daylily and Shasta Daisy) but some were special and also had names like Margaret,  Judy and Aunt Mary.  The ones with these special names had priority over all the other species.  They got more of whatever they needed…more sun…more shade….more water…more fertilizer….more love.

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Nature is having a party at the Knox Estate

spring party2

If you are a gardener spring is like a month long Christmas morning. You wake up anticipating what nature has made for you overnight.  What new thing will find it’s way out of the ground to reach the sun this year?   Will it double it’s size from last year? or did the winter take its toll?  Only time and your patience will tell.

IMG_1367 (1)

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It’s Spring….Lets Get Started!

mansion front door2016 First Get Together for the Knox Gardeners

Please Join us for 2016 ‘s first get together for the Knox Estate Garden Club.  We hope to see you at the Knox Estate Mansion  on Thursday, April 21st at 5:30pm.  Please bring your ideas and any friends who are interested in gardening with us.  We will be serving wine and snacks.

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Travel to Inspire the Knox Gardeners for Spring!

AAA Tour with Sally Cunningham

Sally Cunningham (Horticulturist, Lecturer & Writer) hosted a AAA bus tour to see the 2016 Philadelphia Flower and Longwood Gardens (Dupont Summer Home).  Amoung the travelers with her were Knox Gardeners Gail Kavanaugh, Donna Reilly and Joe and Carole Orlowski.  The inspiration for spring gardening was undeniable!

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