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June 2016

Knox Gardeners Join the East Aurora Garden Club on a Trip to Sonnenberg Gardens

The East Aurora Garden Club extended an invitation to a few of the Knox Estate Gardeners to take a couple seats on their bus tour to Sonnenberg Gardens. Gardens Near the HouseThe Sonnenberg Estate has a similar history to Knox Farms in that it was once a grand, historic, privately owned estate and it is now operated by the New York State Park System and exists largely on the love and volunteerism of it’s local communityDSC_1638


We started by walking the long beds and greenhouses at the entrance of the estate….and yes we shamelessly plugged the East Aurora Co Op while we were there, lol. DSC_1563

The roses are late to bloom but are arriving just in time for a Wine and Bloom event the Sonnenberg Gardens host every year.

DSC_1570DSC_1572Sonnenberg is using their historic green houses to feature exotic tropical plants, cacti, and  Orchids.  They have gratefully just received grants and private donations totalling over 1 million to restore the dome of the largest greenhouse.

The Greenhouse Dome.  The towering tropical trees are being trimmed to their bases (they will come back) so the new dome can be put in place.
Enormous Cactus Species that have been nurtured for many years

The orchid display

There are over 200 dedicated volunteers that help take care of the gardens. The volunteer program started in 1973 when the nonprofit “Sonnenberg Gardens” (much like our Friends of Knox) obtained title to 52 acres of the estate and opened the gates to the public.  In 2005 New York state came to the aide of the park by forming a partnership with Sonnenberg Gardens and the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.  During my walks I met a young woman who has worked there since highschool.  She is now a paid employee with 10 years of service.

Japanese Garden
Japanese Garden
Grotto Garden
Grotto Garden
Pool looks like ours
Their pool looks a lot like ours unfortunately

There are interesting mature trees all over the propertytree 1tree3tree4

Thank You East Aurora Garden Club!!

EA Garden Club

Written by Donna Reilly

Have You Seen What’s in the Garden!!!

The species that we are uncovering and nurturing to beauty are a wonder all over the property.  We are finding new varieties every day.  The flowers are thanking us for digging them out by putting on an amazing show.  We encourage you to walk around the mansion and see what we have found.

We gather on Mondays 10am-1 ish, Thursday 5:30pm to sundown and early Saturdays (not to interrupt wedding parties).  We would love as many hands as possible.  Call if you have questions Gail 716-864-3110 or Donna 716-481-1218

Any High school kids that need community service hours….come dig some dirt…we would be happy to sign for you.

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