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June 2017

An Evening at the Knox Farm Thursday July 13th and a Recap of the Greenhouse Tour

Knox Gardeners are supported by An Evening at the Knox Farm hosted by Explore Buffalo

Mention that you would like a donation to the Knox Garden Club when purchasing your ticket and 5$ of your purchased Ticket will go to the Garden Club Fund for purchasing Mulch, Plants, Tools or anything else we may need.ExploreBuffaloKnox2

Please note that this amends our Seminar Schedule again.  We will keep you posted about going to Sonnenberg Gardens and of course Bee Keeping with Masterson’s.

Thank you Kevin McNallie for the Greenhouse Tour


This nursery, the first of its kind for New York State parks, will supply this park and others in Western New York with the native plants for restoration and landscape purposes.  Trees, shrubs, forms and grasses will be propagated from locally collected seed in order to preserve and enhance genetic variability within each species.



It was a beautiful evening to look at all the progress they are making.  The Greenhouse is located behind the maintenance buildings along the interior road on the grounds.

Kevin McNallie did a great job of explaining the scope of this project
Even the mansion gardens are represented here (Secret Garden Species)


Thank you Kevin McNallie for leading the way on this project

New Mulch Coming Tuesday June 20th

The Gardeners have been so busy we have already gone through the first batch of Mulch! Thank you again for all of your hard work!New Mulch is on the way…. and it will be here 6/20….Tuesday….so help Yourself!

New Member Adopts a garden

Welcome Sue Murray!  Thank you for taking another section of our gardens.  We can’t wait to see what you do with it! If you would like to contact Sue or offer her any plants for her adopted garden her email is

Sue Murray Adopts the Gopher House Garden in the back of the house

Reminder Alert: Come Tour the Greenhouse Project at the Knox….with Kevin McNallie!




Kevin McNallie is going to give us a tour of the new greenhouse project at Knox on June 8 at 6pm. Members and guests should meet at the visitor center at the red barns. No charge!

Greenhouse Project at Knox to Supply Plants for WNY State Parks!

Recent visitors to the Park may have noticed that a small nursery and greenhouse are being constructed near the equipment barn. A project of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, the nursery, the first of its kind for New York State Parks, will supply Knox Farm and other parks in Western New York native plants for restoration and landscape purposes. Trees, shrubs, and grasses will be propagated from locally collected seed to preserve and enhance genetic variability within each species. The nursery is expected to take several years to reach its full potential but will begin propagating a limited number of plant species this spring.



Joe and Carole Orlowski Taking Care of the Squash Court Gardens

A note from Carole and Joe

Hi Knox Gardeners,
Joe and I spent about 4 hours trimming hedge and Lasagna Gardening the entire back of Squash Court.

lasagna squash 2

lasagne squash
Next Monday Judy Galuski (the Herb Gardener)  will bring me chartreuse colored miniature Hostas. I will plant these in the space in front of that rambling Rose type Bush on the side of the Squash Court with the door. Then we will finish up by Lasagna Gardening that area.

squash gardens

Last week we hand trimmed the hedges on that side and I split up the Chrysanthemums and they’re looking really good. In Fall it’ll look very pretty.

happy dirt
Betsy Graves from The Friends of Knox stopped by to show some people from India the house. When she was at the back of the Squash Court we started to talk and she may bring a wrought iron garden set (two chairs and a table) to put on that little stoop. I think it would look very nice. We’ll see if it happens.

Carole and Joe Orlowski

Garders of Adopted Gardens!

Please send me a note with pictures….All the Knox Gardeners and Supporting Members want to see!

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