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July 2017

Carole Lane! You are this weeks Gardener’s Choice Garden…..there are Chickens in Your Garden

In case you haven't heard.... if you see the Chickens in your adopted garden....You have won the admiration of your fellow gardeners.  The "Honor of the Chickens" is currently the Knox Gardeners highest recognition of your efforts to beautify the Knox Gardens.  Congratulations Carole Lane!  AWESOME JOB!
carole Lane

Garden Club News!

And The Winner Is!!!

Its been a rainy summer but it has helped the flowers grow beautifully.  Thank you for all your hard work.  You can find Gail in the secret garden every Monday (if not every day) helping other gardeners, and managing the Secret Garden.  Penny has been weeding and helping all of the gardens as she can and has decided that the Chickens are a way to honor the Winning Garden for the week!

If you see the Chickens in your garden you are the “Gardener’s Choice” Garden!

The “Gardener’s Choice” Garden belongs to Lisa Schifferle at the front door.  WOW! what a difference!  Great Job!! The gardens have really changed this year around the mansion because of all the work the gardeners have been doing in their adopted Gardens.

Lisa’s Front Door Garden


We are going to Sonnenberg Gardens!

On Thursday, July 27th we are heading to Sonnenberg Gardens to speak with Pam Gangloff.  Pam has been managing the Volunteer Program for Sonnenberg Gardens for several decades.  Sonnenberg has over 200 volunteers that run the facility and garden the massive grounds of this NY State owned facility.  The only thing maintained by the NYS are the buildings.  Everything else is managed by local volunteers from the Canandaigua Community.   Sonnenberg has a similar history to the Knox and has been successfully run by the State and Volunteers for over 30 years.  There is a lot to be learned by their long term success.  We will meet with Pam at 1pm.

Anyone is welcome to join us at 1pm at the ticket office at the entrance to the park.  We do not have any formal transportation plans, but Donna, Gail and Penny will be leaving from the Vidler’s Parking lot at 10am if anyone wants to tag along.  We will be grabbing a bite in Canandaigua before going to the park at 1Pm

Carole Lane Your Wisteria Garden Looks Amazing!

Garden Club Meetings

We will be meeting rain (in the garage) or shine at the mansion, the 2nd Thursday of Every Month at 6 pm to share ideas and concerns.  Please feel free to bring a bottle of wine or some munchies to share.  The dates are August 10th, September 14th, and October 12th.

Judy Smith has made the Circle Garden Spectacular!


Joe and Carole’s Garden is perfectly edged, mulched and popping with Color!
Judy Galuski’s Perfectly Maintained Herb Garden……Yum!
Gail Kavanaugh’s Secret Garden
MaryBeth Shaw Your Garden is Stunning!


Great Job Everyone!

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