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August 2017


Please come help if you can!



It’s a Jungle In There.. Time to Move Some Ferns and Split Some Iris


We are Taming the Ferns

For the next three weeks Mondays (10pm) and Thursday (5pm) the Garden Club will be pulling and relocating some of the Ferns in the front of the house and splitting the Iris in the Secret Garden.  The Ferns  have become severely overgrown and are taking over all of the other species that could be highlighted in the Front Mansion Gardens.  Its a big project so we are asking all garden members to come help.

The Ferns will be turning brown soon so it’s a good time to get this project done.  We are asking all Garden Club Members to please make some time for this project.  It will have a big long term impact on the esthetics of the Entrance to our grande estate.


Splitting the Iris

The beautiful varieties of Iris in the Secret Garden have to be split in order to keep flowering.  If we don’t get this done the Secret Garden could have a bad bloom year next Spring.  In Splitting these beauties we will have an ample supply to not only make the garden spectacular but also give some away for whomever comes to volunteer.  We are going to relocate some and hide them in special places…. like around the pond. We look forward to your help in the garden!

Thank you !



Gardeners of Adopted Gardens….We want to help you!

IMG_0097On August 10th at 6pm we are meeting on the Mansion Porch

Many of you have had questions and concerns about your adopted gardens and we want to help.  Penny and Gail will be speaking to the group about the benefits of mulching, proper “deadheading” of flowers to get the showiest blossoms, weeding and staying away from pesky skin irritating plants.

We will work with you in your individual adopted gardens and give you recommendations

We would love to make an appointment with anyone who has an adopted garden to come work with you in your garden.  You don’t need to brave it on your own.  We will schedule something convenient for you and offer the help or advice you need.

Sharing/Splitting Perennials

Another topic of discussion will be Splitting your perennials.  We have some overcrowding going on with those “MAMMOTH AND AMAZING” Iris in the Secret Garden.  There are beautiful areas we can transplant those split Iris to, and you may even want to take a bunch home with you for your own garden this Spring.


Sonnenberg Offers Their advice….and Tells Us We Have a Great Start!

The Knox Garden Club is just getting on it’s feet and we are trying to organize ourselves so that our mission lasts.   Instead of reinventing the wheel we went to our sister park, Sonnenberg Gardens, to ask them how they have run their program successfully for over 30 years.  The park is run 100% by volunteers…over 200 of them.  The only thing the State provides them is building maintenance.  The volunteers are mostly local people who love the gem that Sonnenberg is to the Canandaigua community.


We got some great answers and we would love to share them with the rest of the club to see how it can help us.0727171307a

Pam Gangloff (ball cap) has been running the Sonnenberg Volunteer Program for decades


Front DoorGardens Near the House

Written by Donna Reilly


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