Here’s what happened!

Hello fellow Gardeners,

A few things we talked about at the meeting:

We are forming a committee to help plan the front gardens with the help of a landscape architect.


We have been given money from the Friends of Knox and with help from Andy and park employees we should be able to get off to a good start. ** If you would like to help we could use it! Let me know**.

If you haven’t already,** please let me know if you plan on tending your garden again this year or if you’d like to adopt a garden space**!


The mulch should arrive by the end of April and will be between the shed and the secret garden for our use.

I Love My Park Day is Saturday, May 4 from 9-12:00. There will be volunteers available haul and lay mulch and hopefully we can get all the gardens done this year. Please try and be there to supervise your garden, and if you cannot, ** please let me know if you’d like yours mulched by volunteers or you’d prefer to do it yourself**.

I Love My Park Day is a Huge Help!


A lot of the beds have been raked and other than a little weeding and maybe edging, should be ready to go. Thank you Audrey! You may want to mark any plants that will be coming up with a plastic knife if you’re afraid it may get trampled or pulled by volunteers.

Debris can be left in trash cans or wheelbarrows back by the shed, but don’t put it out of view between the shed and dog run. The park staff will haul if off for us!

Park Employees Won’t See Debris If Left Here….Put it in Plain Sight!

Please don’t trim any trees beyond removing dead branches and before you plant anything, please make sure it is not invasive to this area.

We are still working on the best way to handle the purchase of new plants – for now, just give me a call if you need anything. 652-6690

Audrey is going to make a list of plants that grow well in different conditions and hang that in the shed in case you need to add plants would like ideas. I will also put the original landscape drawings in the shed if you want to look at them – mostly for fun. Five full time gardeners must have been great!
They can also be accessed online at:Cornell Library for East Aurora …..Items numbered 2-15 are for East Aurora.


Thank you for all your hard work – whether it is for a day or all season!

Lisa Schifferle