Thank you Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm

We are grateful to David O’Donnel for an incredibly interesting look at the importance and beauty of the Monarch Butterfly.  David is a self-taught naturalist.  His delivery was entertaining and it was evident that we were only scratching the surface of his advanced knowledge and compassion for the Eastern Monarchs.


David believes that “Butterflies are not only an important pollinator like bees, but they have been a part of our culture for many centuries.  The iconic Monarch has been used in countless books as a life lesson as well as a spiritual and healing metaphor.  The Monarch Butterfly is a symbol of nature in America, a symbol of clean water, clean air and natural habitat.  Coexisting with nature in this delicately balanced eco system will benefit all life.”


He believes ” that the Monarch brings us all a message, and its decline is the Message; we are nature, what we do to it will impact us all“.



Did you know that during the spring and summer season the Monarch Butterfly only lives for 4-6 weeks? and…. the last group born in August or September will live for up to a year so they can complete a migration to Mexico and back?

There are 3 species of milkweed (that is indigenous to our region) that the Monarch requires for reproduction.  These native to Western New York plants are diminishing because of chemicals and wildlife habitat destruction.  David has made it his mission to distribute the seeds for the Monarch’s habitat.


The Friends of Knox were so impressed by David and his mission that they are considering locations to develop the Milkweed that is the sole habitat for Monarch breeding.  David will advise the friends on the best location for the milkweed and the Knox Estate Gardeners will be assisting in the plantings.


Through presentations, education, butterfly releases, and native plant distribution, The Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm and David O’Donnel are changing the way we view our landscaping and our impact on nature.

You can find David O’Donnel at the Clarence Hollow Farmers Market on Saturdays from May to October, on his Facebook page , email address or by phone 716-759-8500

Written by:  Donna Reilly