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March 2017

Please join us! Open to the public!

We are proud to announce that on April 19th, at 6pm David O’Donnell will be speaking at the kickoff meeting for the Knox Estate Garden Club. David has speaking engagements this weekend at The Erie County Fairgrounds for Plantasia.

Here is how David O’Donnell describes the mission of the Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm:

Our work is in restoring the depleting Monarch Butterfly population and conserving their habitat. We can all play a small part in helping this magnificent creature overcome the adversities it faces today. Loss of habitat (for Monarchs–milkweed), genetically modified crops, and pesticides all have a detrimental effect on the butterfly population.

Through education, we hope to raise awareness within the community to ensure that the majestic Monarch Butterfly and other native plants and animals will be here for future generations to enjoy. The Eastern Monarch Butterfly population has decreased by 60%, its overwintering region in Mexico reduced from 15 to approximately 3 acres. Monarch caterpillars only eat milkweed leaves, and the current scarcity of this native plant–particularly their preferred species, Swamp Milkweed–is the single most contributing factor to the Butterfly’s depletion. There IS an immediate sustainable solution–GROW MORE MILKWEED!

The Knox Estate Garden Club, in its development of the Knox Estate summer home’s gardens, wants to incorporate indigenous plants and species that encourages strength and beauty in our local natural environment. We are seeking advice from people like David O’Donnell on how to accomplish that. Supporting wildlife that stimulates plant-life, and vice versa, is a step towards understanding and energizing our local ecosystem.

For more Information on David O’Donnell and the Eastern Monarch Butterfly Mission Please go to

David releases monarch butterflies for events and distributes milkweed seed to help give them a habitat.

The following Video is representative of The Eastern Monarch Butterfly’s interests. Its a video from TED.  TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an invitation-only event where the world’s leading thinkers and doers gather to find inspiration.

The Knox Estate Garden Club Speaks to the Aurora Women’s Club

On March 8th at 7pm the Knox Garden Club addressed the Aurora Women’s Club at their request. The Aurora Women’s Club was interested in the beginnings and progress of the Knox Estate Garden Club. Gail Kavanaugh, Penny Mc Dowell and Donna Reilly spoke to the group about the history of the Estate Gardens and what the Knox Garden Club is attempting to do there.

The Women’s Club gave the Knox Gardeners a generous donation of a check and some very needed new gardening tools. The Knox Gardeners invited the Aurora Women’s Club to join them in some gardening dates when spring arrives and our Spring Party on April 19th.

The members of the Aurora Women’s Club have always worked toward the common goal of helping our community. It was inspiring to come together as a group.

We really enjoyed meeting with the Club and hope we gained some new friends in our endeavor to educate the public about gardening with nature and our mission to preserve the beautiful Knox Estate Gardens.

If you or your club are interested in our mission and would like us to come speak to your group….please call me (Donna 652-7633 at Cielo Salon) for more information.

Donna Reilly

Welcome Back Knox Garden Club

Our First Spring Event…Come Join Us!

On Wednesday, April 19th at 6pm we will be hosting a Gardeners Kick-Off Party at the mansion to let you know what we are trying to accomplish this year.  We have new ideas to share… and planning to do… to make it all happen.  We will also be sharing wine and cheese….yum!

We have made a Mission Statement

We have decided that in order to reach our goals we needed to clarify exactly what the Knox Estate Garden Club’s  purpose is.  So I introduce to you… our Mission Statement as it currently stands….

“To preserve, protect and renew the native plants in the gardens of the Knox Summer Estate.  To encourage and educate our members and the public in their pursuits of gardening with nature”

East Aurora Women’s Club

On Wednesday, March 8th at 7pm Donna and Gail are going to be speaking to the East Aurora Women’s  Club at the East Aurora Senior Center to explain and promote the Knox Estate Garden Club.  We will be speaking about what led us to create the garden club, what we accomplished last year and what we hope for in the future.

I Love My Park Day

I Love My Park Day is scheduled for May 6. This is a statewide effort coordinated by Parks and Trails New York. It is an opportunity for the patrons of the park to “pay back” by volunteering one morning of their time and energy to help prepare the park for the coming year. Last year we enlisted one hundred or so volunteers in this effort. We hope you will join us this year.

The Knox Estate Garden Club will be there to direct the volunteers in and around the Mansion Gardens.  We are looking for extra volunteers to help us at this event.  To let us know you are interested please respond to this post, email, or call Peggy Cooke at (716) 597-7525.


The Spring Arts, Crafts and Garden Show

The Friends of Knox Farms will be hosting the Spring Arts, Crafts and Garden Show at the Main House on May 13 and 14. It follows closely on the heels of the very successful Holiday Arts and Crafts Show this past December. At the December show there were 2,500 visitors in attendance. We hope the Spring Show will match that experience.

The Knox Estate Garden Club will have a table at the Garden Show to find interested gardeners!  The more the merrier when it comes to playing in the mansion gardens.  We are looking for extra volunteers to help us at this event. To let us know you are interested please respond to this post, email, or call Peggy Cooke at (716) 597-7525.









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