Knox Estate Garden Club


May 2018

Friends of Knox host a Plant Night!!


Come enjoy a night with friends inside the main house planting a cute little succulent garden – hosted by The Friends of Knox

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This is a BYOB event!

About This Event

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Tickets are 50$ online $15 for every ticket sold goes to Friends of Knox Park!!

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We have to sell 35 tickets to have this party….check out how were are doing on our Plant Nite Page!

Buy your tickets here!


“I Love My Park Day” Helps the Knox Gardeners Clean up Winter Debris

Spring are you here to stay this time?


Hello Knox Gardeners,

It’s that time of year again when we get to play in the gardens at home and at the Knox Mansion too. I hope you all plan to return to your adopted gardens and keep the beauty growing.  So much was accomplished in 2017.  The Perennials that were established last year will reach their full potential this season.  It’s so exciting!


You all did such a great job last year that the gardens are looking great.  I can’t wait to see what we can do this year.  The “Chicken Award” is waiting for you!


Do you remember what is in these gardens?  2018 is going to be spectacular!




The Friends of Knox Park Employees have raked some of the areas for the Art Show this past weekend but our late spring has kept things pretty dormant until this week.

This Saturday May 5th from 9am to Noon is “I love My Park Day”. Click here for all the details:

On Saturday Park Volunteers will be directed all over the park.  This year I am planning to lead ALL of the strong students to the Mansion flowerbeds to mulch them for us.  I hope you can come and oversee your garden and the work that will be done.

Please feel free to respond to this letter to let us know you would like to continue to nurture your adopted garden this year.  Please come back and see the fruits of everything you did last year.

See you in the gardens,


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