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May 2017

Knox Gardeners are Making a Big Impact on their Adopted Gardens!!

The Mulch is here for you to use


Thank you for your hard work Gardeners….it really shows!

The Knox Gardeners are making a HUGE impact on the Mansion Gardens by Adopting a section to take care of.  Here are your gardens!  They are really starting to take shape.

Right Side (Back) Wisteria Garden

Carole Lane ( 

Right Boxwood Garden in back of house

Marybeth Shaw ( and Lisa Maxwell (




Meditation garden (Trellised Garden)

and Pet Cemetery Shade Garden

Marcia Kimmel-Hurt (  and Sherrill Kujawski ( 


Front Door Garden

Lisa Schifferle (



White Flowering Shrub Garden off driveway

Tony and Maryann DiRienzo ( 



Secret Garden

Audrey (Park Employee) and Gail Kavanaugh (




Circle Driveway Garden

Judy Smith ( 


Ask Judy about this Fantastic Gardening Bench and her weed pulling machine! Genius!


Herb Garden

Judy Galuski (



Left Boxwood Garden in the back of the house

Marilyn Marky ( and Linda LaManna (

Squash Court Garden

Joe ( and Carole Orlowski ( 



Back Garden with 2 Alberta Spruce

Marcia Blagdon (, Peg Baker ( Sydney Kent-

Wow what a difference!

Thank you George for your Tree Work!

George Weimer- Trees (

Written by: Donna Reilly


Thank You Knox Garden Club Members for Your Support!


Woohoo! WHEELBARROWS …2 sizes….Lighter, smaller, and easier to handle! Purchased with membership dues. Thank you members for supporting the garden efforts!

Adopt a Garden Program

The adopt a garden program is working wonders for the gardens….Thank you all for your hard work.  There is a pile of mulch by the left side of the garage for use in your garden.  It will be replaced as we need it.

Feel free to bring your own split perennials from your home gardens to grace the Knox Mansion gardens.  Bring a piece of your home and heritage to reside at our community treasure.   If you have perennials that you think would look nice in someone else’s adopted garden, feel free to approach each other with the thought.

The following is a list of people who have adopted gardens:

Carole Lane – Right Side (Back) Wisteria Garden

George Weimer- Trees

Marybeth Shaw and Lisa Maxwell- Right Boxwood Garden in back of house

Marilyn Marky and Linda LaManna- Left Boxwood Garden in the back of house

Marcia Kimmel-Hurt and Sherrill Kujawski – Meditation garden (Trellised Garden) and Pet Cemetery Shade Garden

Lisa Schifferle-Front Door Garden

Tony and Maryann DiRienzo – White Flowering Shrub Garden off driveway

Audrey (Park Employee) and Gail Kavanaugh-Secret Garden

Judy Smith-Driveway Circle Garden

Judy Galuski- Herb Garden

Joe and Carole Orlowski- Squash Court Garden

Marcia Blagdon, Peg Baker and Sydney Kent-Back Garden with 2 Alberta Spruce

Please correct me if any of this information is wrong @

I would like to repost this list to our members in the future with your email addresses so that we can all stay connected with any ideas or split perennials to share. Please email me if you do not want me to post your address to other members through this newsletter. 


Your Gardens

Please refer back to our “Lasagne Gardening” article for any soil (weed) issues you are having in your garden.  If you were unable to attend the seminar, the instructions are in the article  It really is as simple as it sounds.

If you would like any personal instruction on this technique or any other gardening issue  please call Penny McDowell  at 652-3293 or Gail at 864-3110.   One of them is usually available in the gardens Mondays at 10am-noonish

Thank you members! We are making progress and it shows




Lasagne Gardening in Action

lasagne gardening

Gail Kavanaugh and Penny McDowell did a great job of explaining Lasagne Gardening at the mansion this past Wednesday.  Sheet Composting (Lasagne Gardening) is a way to create or renew a garden bed anywhere.  No digging or tilling is required.  Just put the layers down around existing plants, edge, plant anything new and there you go!

After the class MaryAnne and Tony DiRienzo decided to put the technique to the test in their adopted Garden!

Don’t Shovel anything…just get rid of larger weeds….don’t bother with the little ones…. layer the ground with newspapers….then grass clippings..
Spread everything around evenly and edge the outside of the garden….throw the edged grass and soil on top too!
Add a layer of dried chopped ornamental grass or leaves
A layer of soil or just mulch and plant any flowers you like…and you have a finished garden bed that will be soil rich and weed free for the season.  

If you are interested in all of the tips this book can offer on sheet composting

Or just ask Penny or Gail….they have had experience with it for years!

Lasagne Gardening -Soil Preperation for Weedfree Lush Gardens…..Event this Wednesday May 10th, at the mansion, 6pm

Please let us know if you are coming by going to this link.

We have changed the KnoxGC membership!

There are new advantages to being a member… with two types of memberships. The Active Member with all its benefits and the Supportive Member we cherish. Please join us as we grow with our gardens!

Please visit

for all of the information

Love your Park Day is May 6th from 9am-noon

The Garden Club will be at the mansion directing volunteers and helping helping Garden Club Members Adopt a Garden around the Summer Estate Mansion.





“Lasagne Gargening” Presentation at the Knox Mansion

Wednesday, May 10th, 6 PM

  at the Mansion

Come learn about the organic soil preparation technique commonly referred to as Lasagne Gardening.  Penny McDowell and Gail Kavanaugh will give you all the information you need to learn how to make a rich soil environment for whatever you want to grow!

This is a free seminar to members and the public.  Feel free to bring interested friends.  We will be there to sign up new members as well!



Adopt a Piece of the Mansion Gardens!

A Note from Penny McDowell

Posted on our Facebook May 1st

“I want to thank those who came in the rain to check out the gardens and pick which beds they adopted. For those of you who couldn’t make it, this year we ask the volunteers of the Knox Estate Garden Club to adopt a garden section to love and care for by weeding, pruning, mulching and planting as they see fit.

There are still sections to be adopted. I was super excited one of our members does tree work and will cut down and prune the trees that need much attention they need. Thank you George!

Hope the rain holds off so this Saturday, May 6, from 10-12 is Love My Park Day. I hope those of you that can make it come to help. Remember many hands make light work. This is a good time for those kids that need their commuity hours to get a couple hours in. We could use all the help to rake up leaves and branches, edging, weeding, washing windows, etc…….There will be hot dogs after wards by the barns. See you this Saturday or on Mondays.”

To Adopt a Garden….

  • Come to I love your park day and pick out a section
  • Respond to this post
  • Email
  • Call Penny 652-3293


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