Knox Estate Garden Club


November 2018

Garden Club Meeting Cancelled Tonight

Due to the weather…the Garden Club Meeting will be cancelled tonight….We will keep you posted



Knox Garden Club Meets to Discuss a Proposal to the Friends of Knox Board

Hello Gardeners,

Just a reminder that the Knox Garden Club will be meeting tomorrow at 6:00 at the Main house. One of things we’ll be talking about is landscaping the front garden beds. We’d would love to hear everyone’s thoughts that can be part of the proposal given to the Friends . Some things to consider are:

Do we want to go back to the original plantings?
Deer will eat most of the original plants
Plant options were limited in 1932
Do we want to plant all native species?
Tear out ground cover-pachysandra- to get rid of ferns?
We don’t have full time gardeners or funds
Do we want to accent the architecture or the gardens?
Do you want to help in

I thought I’d send this out so you have time -a little-sorry-to think about it.

See you tomorrow,

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